My Incredible Journey Where I Discovered How to Jump Higher

I always wanted to be the standout player for my basketball team. Unfortunately, there was one thing that was stopping me from becoming the best player – and that was my jumping ability. I really needed to be able to jump high so I could score more in basketball games. If you are unfamiliar with basketball, knowing how to jump high is a real asset in being able to score from a far distance away from the hoop. Thankfully, after lots of trial and error I found out the best way to jump higher, and here is how.

I was looking all over the internet to see what the professional basketball players were doing to make sure that they would be able to jump as high as they do. You’ve seen those professional basketball players on TV, they can jump so high that they can touch the top of the hoop of a basketball net. Sometimes it seems like they are floating in mid-air, it really is an amazing thing to see a basketball player making their jumps. Thanks to the passion I had of wanting to be like these players, I finally found the solution to my jumping troubles on the internet when I happened to visit vertboss!


It turned out that I was performing enough leg extension exercises at the gym. I am a regular gym participant, however I often skip leg days as I hate the feeling of having a sore leg the morning after working them. I realized that the discomfort that I didn’t want to feel from working my legs was the reason why I hadn’t been able to jump as high as I wanted. I immediately made it my purpose to go ahead and work every day at the gym specifically on my legs.

I did leg extensions everyday on the gym machine, and I gradually saw my jumping becoming higher and higher. The leg extension machine at the gym mimics how a normal jump would occur. You basically extend your legs just as you would when you bend down to jump. The motion of doing so with a large weight meant that the muscles that are needed to extend the legs were getting stronger and stronger. As those muscles got stronger and stronger, my jumps got higher and higher till I was able to score many points in basketball.

Soon after that, I became the best basketball player on my team and had had gained huge popularity from the crowd and my team. It was amazing, I highly suggest anyone to practice what I did in order to get a higher jump. Also, check out vertboss for more pointers.


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